Sneak a Peek

Combining Soul and Style

Inspired by the vibrance of Art Deco, and the beauty of vernacular materials.

Effortless and unique Design

Bold Geometric Patterns and handcrafted Details and textures, every element has a meaning.


A place of warmth and nature’s embrace, affordable, unique and timeless.

Elevating the true beauty

A sanctuary of lush green garden yards that will assist you connect with the reality yet ascend.


Art Deco-styled circular glass-ceiling windows through which natural light cascades illuminating the surface and surroundings.

Enchanting and aesthetic circular patterns on floor and walls with sunlight gracefully filtering through the exquisite oval ceiling-glass.


We’ve designed a cozy gazebo on the terrace of your Art-Deco villa at JRC Sanzio. Just waltz your way up the spiral staircase and perch on the bench under the lovely gazebo to soak in the view of surroundings. Make yourself easy under the arty awning or shade that will protect you from the sun and the rain. Laze away with a book, gaze away at the stars, or simply turn the space into a venue for your mini-barbecue treat. Surely, it’s a retreat you’ll want to end up at often.

Your Sanctuary

Discover Our finest address, Sanzio, where soul, style, comfort, and elegance converge to redefine luxury living.

A Haven
of Serenity

Escape the daily hustle to a serene oasis, where nature's embrace and elegant abodes bring tranquility to your soul.

Property Overview

Entry lobby
Exotic Plantation
Zen Garden
Swimming Pool
Pool Deck
Kid's Play Area
Jogging Track
Party Lawn
Clubhouse Entry
Senior Citizens' Seating
Skating rink
Spilt Outdoor Gym
Cricket Pitch



Welcome to Sanzio, where lush greenery meets luxurious living. Enjoy peace in our elegant homes amidst the city's bustle. Find daily serenity in our modern, stylish living spaces that blend your soul with with Sanzio's style.


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