About Us


JRC nurtures the talent of their employees, supports their professional growth and helps them to achieve their full potential. The primary task of the HR at JRC is to simultaneously create a stimulating and challenging work environment that encourages innovation in every aspect and pursues excellence. The culture thrives on passion, mutual respect and collaborative teamwork. Its strong workforce gives the advantage to harness ideas, perspectives and experiences from varied backgrounds to build something unique and meaningful for its customers and stakeholders.

JRC believes that continuous learning is the essential element for fulfilling the career. This gives a tremendous importance to leadership development and enhancing the technical as well as the functional expertise of its workforce.

The company encourages and supports learning through leadership training to enhance the technical and behavioural competencies. Hence Life at JRC can summarise in three words Vibrant, Creative & Inspiring.

If you are fuelled by passion, join us at JRC by uploading your CV below!