JRC Development


JRC is a complete customer centric enterprise operating in three principal business verticals - Hospitality, Infrastructure and Realty which are designed to leverage complementary competencies. As a result, high quality products and services are delivered at competitive prices. Synergy among business verticals help create new value curve by achieving both high quality and cost advantage . Since its inspection it has delivered a wide range projects and services for its chosen segments which has made JRC become one of the emerging leaders in the field of realty development, infrastructure and hospitality. Today, the company is known for its integrity, ability to deliver projects on time with highest quality and stands as a proud statement of confidence and customer delight.



Quality Policy


JRC is committed to provide total customer satisfaction through timely delivery of high quality projects and services and continual improvement on Total Quality Management based on customer feedback and latest technology adaptation


To be among the most respected companies of India by developing and delivering bespoke projects and services across 3 business verticals with the highest standard of quality, ethics, professionalism and customer service.



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Managing Director

Mr. Manohar Reddy is the Managing Director of JRC Projects. He comes with extensive experience and knowledge in the field of infrastructure owing to his qualification in architecture. Furthermore, in a career spanning over a decade, his contribution towards technical innovation, cutting edge design, and value creation has helped him set a high industry standard in the delivery of products and services. Mr. Reddy has always possessed a strong entrepreneurial spirit which has helped him navigate through each of the business verticals in focus – Realty, Infrastructure and Hospitality. He has shown exemplary leadership skills in driving JRC Projects to achieve its maximum potential while staying true to the core values of Excellence, Empathy and Efficiency. His role is instrumental in leveraging and multiplying competencies which enables the company to reach greater heights. Mr. Reddy aspires to unlock value in the industry and chooses to do so by assuming leadership in the areas of innovation and design.


B. C Kshira Reddy

Director - Brand and Design

Ms. Kshira Reddy is the Director of Brand and Design. As a qualified architect and urbanist, she has shown a keen interest in the areas of marketing and branding. Ms. Kshira is currently engaged in generating events and projects that benefits JRC in reaching the pinnacle of global standards. She displays a superlative zeal and takes up projects with utmost enthusiasm much to the gratification of her team members. She has worked towards creating and directing several compelling and robust events that have built numerous long-lasting relationships with several functional areas. Ms. Kshira’s aspirations lie in taking stylistic decisions for the company's creative collaborations as well as generating riveting workable concepts for the clients.


Mr. Srikant Sama

Director Realty

Mr. Srikant Sama is the Director of Realty Operations at JRC, Bangalore. He is a qualified civil engineer and holds a qualification in MBA from Cardiff University, UK. Mr. Sama oversees strategic and organic growth for the company in addition to executing supervision in all structural and architectural design works, technical plans, marketing, project execution and quality control. His superior organizational skills and in-depth knowledge of the real estate sector aids him in accomplishing high-level velocity of operations as well as on-time delivery with prime quality construction. At JRC, Mr. Sama seeks to further specialize in building strategic alliances through active engagement with partners and stakeholders along with identifying and acquiring key business opportunities for the company.


JRC is powered by some of the brightest minds who have catapulted the company to where we stand today over a short period of time. Establishing a strong foot amidst the industry giants at this young stage has not been an easy task. But with the sheer zeal and commitment of the team, It has been able to achieve this feat. Without its people, JRC would be just another company. With people, it has become the avant-garde and the classical in designing living spaces that make a difference in people’s lives.



JRC believes Corporate Social Duty is an imperative endeavour and assumes a critical job in its business rehearses. It incorporates social, ecological and moral standards into its centre contributions and guarantees long-term value for stakeholders. With differentiated business contributions, JRC positively impacts the lives of a substantial number of Indians, and its CSR expands further, keeping women empowerment in focus. The CSR programs endeavour to be relevant to the communities it operates in and in partnership with relevant NGO's, Governments and other stakeholders.

Worker Welfare, Education, Skill Development, Healthcare and Training are comprehensively the key centre zones of the organisation.



JRC nourishes nature and assures awareness by increasing the demand for self-sustaining, efficient developments that nurtures the mother nature. The practices are taken up to increase awareness and optimal utilisation of green developments. By implementing 'Green Vision', JRC continues to strive for more opportunities by integrating nature and architecture.

During the course of construction, replanting was done to diminish the environmental impact caused by the process of building the project. Replanting gives a significant impact on the quality of life of the residents of the project by soaking up the undesirable polluting effects from the air.